CCPM3 July 2014” was one day workshops held at two places (IIIT Hyderabad and JNU Delhi on 30 July, 2014 both online and offline), was organized to familiarize the progressive prototype of the LIMS platform to its potential users. Invitations were sent in advance to most of the Plant Metabolomics network partners in India and to DBT experts. Each potential participant was contacted and given an option to choose a mode (online / offline) as well as place (Hyderabad/ New Delhi) of their convenience to participate in the workshop.

Workshop Agenda/Activities:

  1. Inauguration and demonstration of the prototype.

  • All the online users and JNU to connect to host Skype ID: ccpm_iiit.

  • Inauguration by Prof. Indira Ghosh by connecting to IIIT Skype ID

  1. Demonstration and Presentation at both venues: IIIT-H, Hyderabad and at JNU, Delhi

  • Registration categories & login

  • Unpublished project on “Arabidopsis thaliana” was selected for demonstration and following features of the portal are explained.

    • Overview of the Data source “AtMetExpress LC Phytochemical Atlas”

    • Metadata and raw data capture in a structured way on our LIMS portal

    • Bulk upload of metadata feature using filled sample metadata template

    • Data preprocessing module with Arabidopsis thaliana datasets

    • Details of preprocessed output results.

    • Data normalization of preprocessed results using various methods.

  1. Hands on training for all the participants (assisted by project members)

  • User documents were provided.

  • All the participants were given systems to upload their data.

  • Individual attention was given to each participant and doubts were clarified by all the volunteers.

  • The participants are trained with registration, login, add projects, add groups, add samples, add metadata, bulk upload of sample metadata, data preprocessing and data normalization.

  1. Feed Back / Discussion session.

  • Apart from online feedback form on each and every page on the portal, questions were raised and deliberated more in detail.

  • Discussion with the online participants over Skype

Workshop Brochure: click here to view the brochure.

Invitation: click here to view the invitation letter

List of participants:

  1. Dr. Shivashankar KS

  2. Ms. Archana Koul

  3. Mr. Deepak Sharma

  4. Ms. Shivanjali Kotwal

  5. Ms. Bhavana Bhan

  6. Mr. Parivartan Vishal

  7. Ms. Vinica Dhar

  8. Ms. Archana Bhat

  9. Mr. Munish Sharma

  10. Ms. Komal Sambyal

  11. Ms. Tanwi Sharma

  12. Ms. Mehak Gupta

  13. Prof. R.P Sharma

  14. Mr. Kamal Tyagi

  15. Mr. Rakesh Kumar

  16. Mr. Reddaiah Bodanapu

  17. Ms. Sapana Nongmaithem

  18. Mr. Kapil Sharma

  19. Ms. Hyma

  20. Ms. Aparna Srivasthav

  21. Dr. Abhijit Mitra

  22. Dr. Nita Parekh

  23. Dr. Vikram Pudi

  24. Dr. Geeta Y

  25. Dr. Sulabha Sharma

  26. Ms. Veena Shinde

  27. Ms. Prashanthi Dharanipragada

  28. Ms. Ramya G

  29. Ms. Parshvika Sharma

  30. Mr. Sandeep Kumar

  31. Mr. Sumant Reddy

  32. Mr. Dharma Teja

  33. Mr. Antarip Halder

  34. Ms. Sanchari Sircar

  35. Mr. Broto Chakrabarty

  36. Mr. Bipin Singh

Follow up action plan to contribute further to the project’s objectives:

  • The suggestions and feedback from the participants were formulated and categorized page wise.

  • Modified prototype will be available to all the workshop participants for testing with their real and already published data.


The workshop at both the places was successful. The value added suggestions had enabled us to improve the prototype development.