CCPM-2012 was one day workshops held at two places (IIIT Hyderabad on September 29, 2012 and JNU Delhi on October 1, 2012), organized to introduce a prototype of the LIMS platform to its potential users. Invitations were sent well in advance to most of the Plant Metabolomics network partners in India. Each potential participant was contacted and given an option to choose a place (Hyderabad/ New Delhi) of their convenience for workshop participation.

Workshop Agenda/Activities:

  1. Presentation and demonstration of the prototype.

  • Database model and software architecture was detailed.

  • Emphasis on the features such as access rights, security layers & authentication etc., were brought out.

  • Flipped through the important pages of the portal bringing out some of the important field level information.

  1. Upload of metadata & instrumental Raw data.

  • Data was uploaded as an example.

  1. Hands on training for all the participants.

  • User documents were provided.

  • All the participants were given systems to upload their data.

  • Individual attention was given to each and every participant and doubts were clarified by all the volunteers.

  1. Feed Back / Discussion session.

  • Apart from online feedback form on each and every page on the portal, questions were raised and deliberated more in detail.

Workshop Brochure: click here to view the brochure

Invitation: click here to view the invitation letter

List of participants:

  1. Dr. Sarada Tetali

  2. Mr. Prateek Gupta

  3. Dr. Rameshwar Sharma

  4. Ms. Kilambi Himabindu Vasuki

  5. Mr. Kamal Tyagi

  6. Dr. Vajir Tamboli

  7. Ms. Supriya Sarma

  8. Mr. Reddaiah Bodanapu

  9. Ms Pallawi Upadhyaya

  10. Dr. Abhijit Mitra

  11. Dr. Nita Parekh

  12. Dr. Vikram Pudi

  13. Dr. Geeta Y

  14. Dr. Narendra Babu K

  15. Dr. Bratati Chaudhary

  16. Dr. Lekha Padmaram

  17. Ms. Veena Shinde

  18. Ms. Prashanti Dharanipragada

  19. Mr. Anil Nalamalapu

  20. Mr. Priyaranjan Kumar

  21. Ms. Meghana Temura

  22. Ms. Sarika Srivastava

  23. Mr. Karanam Dileep

  24. Mr. Chanakya Aalla

Follow up action plan to contribute further to the project’s objectives:

The suggestions and feedback from the participants were formulated and categorized page wise. Consolidated and tabulated suggestions were sent to all the registered participants to modify (if required) within a stipulated time.


The one day workshops at both the places were successful. The value added suggestions had enabled us to improve the prototype development.